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Key facts about Galaxonic Mobile App & Web Development in Germany

Mobile & Web Development with 100% passion

The Galaxonic Team is dynamic, combines young spirit backed with many years of profound experience in mobile app & web development, digital marketing, innovation and the information technology industry


Profound Mobile App and Web Development experience

Over 250+ iOS and Android Apps, Websites and App Modules developed for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets and Desktop

Quality and reliable solutions

Web and Mobile Apps and their App modules Galaxonic developed are sold to over 3500 business customers and have over 1.500.000 users

German & International Awards

Products developed by Galaxonic Mobile App & Web Development in Germany got international awards for innovation, technology and best Mobile App products

From Private Clients to Multinational Corporations

Customers in America, Europe and Asia ranging from private clients and startups over app and web development companies, small & medium companies up to multinational companies like Samsung



Meet the Founders

We are there for our customers. Just contact us personally and we will reach you as soon as we can in person.

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Markus Lühmann,
Founder & Managing Partner, Email:

Markus Lühmann is Founder and Managing Partner of Galaxonic. Markus is specialised in digital strategy, finance, marketing, growth and software development. He implemented knowledge of his degree from University of Munich at global players like Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte and Deutsche Bank in Germany and Silicon Valley. He advises business owners and companies on digital strategy, online marketingbranding, growth and newest web and mobile solutions. Markus serves as Partner of Alumko and FYDEM in Singapore and studied in Munich, Barcelona, Mexico City and Berkeley in California. He holds a B.Sc. from University of Munich, where he worked at the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. Since high school Markus develops software and worked at an advertisement, market research and marketing agency in Germany.

Daniel Gruber,
Founder & Partner, Email:

Daniel Gruber is leading the marketing, innovation management, operations and resources divisions as Partner. He gained professional experience in strategy, marketing, innovation management, business development and product management at Allianz AG, German Entrepreneurship GmbH and Loyalty Partner GmbH in Germany. Daniel is engaged in research work in the fields of service excellence and strategic management for a variety of universities like the Singapore Institute of Management and Manchester Business School. Daniel studied Business Administration at LMU – University of Munich and at Singapore Management University with focus on strategy, international marketing and innovation management.

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Galaxonic Digital Success

We are advising business owners and companies on digital strategy, online marketing, branding, sales growth and newest web and mobile solutions. In addition we are building successful ventures and innovative, award winning web and mobile applications to continuously grow the business, client base and profits together with our customers, which range from multinational technology companies like Samsung to private clients.