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We are providing customised websites, shop systems and landing pages. In our web projects we are using: Ruby, PhP, JavaHTML, CSS, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. If a content management system is needed we recommend depending on the projects and needs to use WordPress or Drupal. For shop systems and e-commerce we are analysing needs and using depending on project size, omplexity and customer preferences WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or Shopware.

Premium websites

Get your new website today.

Customised with Highest Quality

We are doing all you need to provide a customised, responsive, high quality and beautiful website. The process is easy, fast and all in your budget. You will be able to change content of your website by yourself or if you prefer we do it for you. All maintained, continuously updated and fully supported. You have personal long term contact for tips and support for adjustments and search engine optimisation.

Contact us

Contact us

From contact to customised website in less then one month. It is a very easy and customer friendly process. Just contact us directly or email us and we will have a short call to evaluate your website needs together.

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Upfront website creation

Our customers and us believe in our customised and full supported website development. We are developing your responsive website optimised for mobile phones, tablets and desktop upfront.


Satisfaction + Support

Your website is fully supported and maintained from us. After it goes live on your or our servers connected to your preferred domain we help you with SEO and other important insights. All with a happy personal contact.

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 03.51.32 Evaluation and feedback from third party platform projects.

Mobile App


Mobile App


"Pleasant and friendly communication, good advices, clear agreement, fast concept phase, rapid realisation, effective fine tuning, good instructions. Galaxonic is available at all times. Thank you again for the very good website, for the very good price-performance ratio, the friendly consulting, for the initial training and the optimally implemented customisation." 

Sebastian Knörr

 Evaluation and feedback of Customers and Appusers. 

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To be sure we have time, send us a message with the time and date to talk and we schedule a short meeting. 

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Galaxonic® Digital Agency from Berlin

GALAXONIC® presents and optimises your companies image, advantages and benefits digitally. As digital agency in Berlin GALAXONIC® is specialised in website optimisation and online marketing to sustainably save their valuable clients time, enhance their public image, grow their profits, increase visitors, leads, conversions and gain new HAPPY CUSTOMERS continuously. Galaxonic's clients range from small and medium companies to corporates like SAMSUNG.

Main Expertise: SEO, Online Shops, Website optimisation, Webdesign, SEA, Google Adwords, Advertising, Social Media, Data Analysis, Content and Online Marketing