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Key facts about Galaxonic

Since high school Markus started his first ventures and is growing successfully different own projects successfully with software development and digital marketing. In 2011 an increasing number of business partners ask if we could help them with their software and digital marketing to grow their businesses. First we gave them tips and couple month later Galaxonic was founded with the aim to empower businesses with the skills to grow their offline and online business sustainably. From then we build various web shops, websites, mobile apps, created marketing strategies and executed successfully various digital marketing campaigns. We believe in the power of software, automation and the right mix of SEO, SEM, SEA and content marketing targeted to the right audience to accelerate the success of offline and online businesses.

Digital Marketing & customised Software with 100% passion

The Galaxonic Team is dynamic, combines young spirit backed with many years of profound experience in digital marketing & software  development to effectively grow online and offline business with a unique holistic and sustainable approach.

From Private Clients to Multinational Corporations

Customers in America, Europe and Asia ranging from private clients and startups over app and web development companies, small & medium companies up to multinational companies like Samsung



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Meet the Founder

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Markus Lühmann,
Founder & CEO, Email:

Markus Lühmann is Founder and CEO of Galaxonic and Digital Marketing Expert. Markus is specialised in digital marketing, software development and business growth. He implemented knowledge of his degree from University of Munich (LMU) at global players like Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte and Deutsche Bank in Germany and Silicon Valley. He advises business owners and companies on digital strategy, online marketing and newest web and mobile solutions to increase digital traffic, conversion, sales and companies profits.

Markus serves as investor and partner of companies inside and outside of Germany and studied in Munich, Barcelona, Mexico City and Berkeley in California. He holds a B.Sc. from LMU Munich, where he worked at the Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. Since high school Markus develops software, worked at an advertisement, market research and marketing agency in Germany and started his first venture. He enjoys to provide customized software, digital marketing & strategies for more leads, higher conversion & increasing sales to grow businesses sustainably.

To give back and connect the software developer and the marketing communities together with his excellent team Markus is organising the most influential and largest Digital Marketing Meetup in Germany for business owners, managers and marketing experts and the largest React Native Meetup in Europe for CTOs, Javascript, iOS & Android Developer hosted at various other great companies like SAP, BCG Digital Ventures, ZalandoAmazon and more. The participants appreciate the quality networking, exchange of ideas and up to date professional knowledge to get inspired for their technology and business achievements.


GALAXONIC® is specialized in e-commerce. Clients range from small and medium companies to corporates like SAMSUNG.