Digital Branding Workshop

For what is brand standing for? Why? Does this matter digitally?



compact proven steps and up to date knowledge
1490/2 hours workshop*
  • compact proven steps and up to date knowledge
  • enhance brand strategy
  • improve understanding of your brand, your target group, values and messages
  • focus your product and company image and values
  • enhance your long term profits

* Plus additional travel charges 100 Euro in Berlin and 400 Euro inside of Germany. For locations outside of Germany contact us directly for availability and pricing. All prices are excluding 19% of german sales taxes.

Sustainable Success

See your business from a different view and get new ideas and proven success from resource allocation, over your offline strategy which is fully in alignment with your online strategy.

Achieve Your Goals

Combine offline & online world

Especially for local businesses the right strategy as a whole which combines all advantages from the online and offline world is important.


Learn from your data

With the help of software and data analytics on the side it gives lots of valuable insights, however these combined with the right techniques and implications makes your business powerful.

Build, Measure & Learn

Use different concepts and try quick what works best in your business and for your specific target group. We work together step by step.

Develop a targeted strategy

Bringing all together: goals, analysis, recommendations, learnings, feedback and lots more on a regular basis. We recommend always to see the business as a whole online and offline and help to identify the right strategy to use all advantages.

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