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GALAXONIC® is specialized in e-commerce. Clients range from small and medium companies to corporates like SAMSUNG.

Happy New Year 2017 from Galaxonic office in Berlin

Happy New Year 2017 from Berlin Galaxonic office in Berlin. We wish you success, health and happiness. Here is a short video of the fantastic fireworks view from Galaxonic office in Berlin, TV tower from 01.01.2017.

VIDEO: Fantastic fireworks view

from Galaxonic office in Berlin

Short Video made at our Galaxonic office with Berlin fireworks and famous TV-Tower. We wish you success, health and happiness, Yi-Fang & Markus

Before developing your website and mobile app: Important questions to consider.

Questions to answer before developing your website and mobile app.

Before you are starting with development of your website or mobile app. It is very beneficial to consider these key benefits before starting the development. In addition it is valuable to have them present during your development process and adjust assumptions after potential customer feedback. This points will help you to understand your idea and vision to develop a successful website and mobile app.

1. Who are your customers?

Define your target group.


2. What are your core competences?

Define your core competences.

3. What is the product you are offering?

Define the exact service and product you are offering.


4. What is the value which the product is creating?

Define your product helps to solve to improve the live and business of your customers.

5. Which is the price of your product?

For which price you are offering your product and why? Look into the prices of similar products. Define your pricing strategy.


6. What is the functions, advantage, individual benefits for of your product compared to other products?

Differentiate between functions, advantage, individual benefits for of your product and write these down specifically.

7. Who and where is your taget group, why should the target group use your product and buy from you today?

List done the key advantage and reasons why customers should be today and in the future your products and services.

8. What is the core value you are providing for your customer?

See out of the eyes of the customer. What create the value for your customers.

9. What is the exact monetary, qualitativ and quantitativ advantage for your customers?

Think about the money, time, work saved because of using your product and quantify it.

10. What is the feedback from your target group? How many preorders you have?

Gather as quick as much feedback from your target group about your product and implement after an evaluation of the feedback the most important parts for your customers. It is important to know how they like your product, how much money are they willing to pay for it, will they buy it again, will they recomend it to a business partner, espacially understand the reasons behind, do your customers thing it is easy to use?

The important part is to readjust the answers and get the results as early as possible.