Digital Marketing Strategy

We help our customers to identify the best marketing strategy for their individual needs and execute it together.

Digital Analytics

Online Advertisement

SEO & Content Marketing

Key Channels we support for your digital marketing strategy


We are using A/B testing and optimising your mobile and website to one which converts and delivers the results you need.


We are identify high-value customers and create the campaigns which fits your individual needs.


 Youtube is the most important video search engine and helps you as well to be found higher in organic google rankings.

PPC Marketing & Other Social Portals

We help with organic growth and proprietary pay-per-click advertising strategies.

TripAdvisor, Yelp & others

If you are a local business the right optimisation of your TripAdvisor, Yelp and other local platform leads to higher leads and brand awareness.

Mobile Apps

We analyse together if it makes sense to create or optimise your functions of your mobile app.


With 140 characters can be turned into conversions, installs, and leads.


Instagram gives direct response advertisers and creates unique opportunities for visual storytelling directly to achieve goals.


Especially to find the right talented employees and partners linkedin is valuable for your business.

Creative Solutions

We develop a marketing strategy including individual campaigns to enhance customer engagement, lead generation and brand awareness.

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Galaxonic Digital Success

We are advising business owners and companies on digital strategy, online marketing, branding, sales growth and newest web and mobile solutions. In addition we are building successful ventures and innovative, award winning web and mobile applications to continuously grow the business, client base and profits together with our customers, which range from multinational technology companies like Samsung to private clients.